warandpeach• To celebrate July as National Ice Cream Month, Quirk Books created some book-inspired flavors. War and Peach, please!

• We all need more canvas book bags like we need holes in the head . . . but that won't stop us from falling in love with these designs over at Powell's Books. Vote for your favorite!

• If you've ever wanted to see the plot of The Great Gatsby represented in a flowchart . . . now's your chance.

Jane Austen will replace Charles Darwin as the face of the £10 note. Coming in 2017, the new banknote will not only feature Austen's mug, but  also images of her brother's home, Godmersham Park, and Austen’s writing table and quills, as well as a quote from Miss Bingley: "I declare after all there is no enjoyment like reading!" The Queen and Florence Nightingale are the only two women to have appeared on a Bank of England note (via).

• Have you been keeping up with the Catching Fire updates? Watch the brand-new theatrical trailer.

Buzzfeed shared the arresting beauty of San Francisco artist Alexis Arnold's series of crystallized books.

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