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Today's Debut of the Day pick is The Spellman Files, the 2007 debut of Lisa Lutz, a former screenwriter. Wacky and irreverent, this is a quirky first novel that will appeal to fans of "Arrested Development" and the works of Maria Semple.

spellmanfilesThe first in a series, The Spellman Files tells the story of Isabelle Spellman, a tough-talking 28-year-old (described by another character as "Dirty Harry meets Nancy Drew") who works for her eccentric family's P.I. business. Investigating others is their formal objective, but the family including alcoholic gambler Uncle Ray and Izzy's 14-year-old sister Rae (who is known to snap incriminating photos of family members to use as blackmail) regularly probe each other's lives as well. This comes to a head when Izzy starts dating nice-guy dentist Daniel and can't go on a date without turning around to find her mother hot on her tail.


Click here to read the entire interview from our April 2007 issue.

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