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Today’s Debut of the Day pick is on the unconventional side. Alissa Nutting's novel might have an innocuous title, but the contents are nothing short of astonishing. Told in the first-person voice of a 20-something teacher who lusts after her middle-school charges, Tampa is a story that provokes and sizzles—but never simply titillates.


Readers who insist that characters must be “likable” for them to enjoy a story had best steer clear of Alissa Nutting’s debut novel, Tampa, a black comedy whose protagonist’s soul is as dark as a thunderstorm at midnight. But for those of a more adventuresome literary bent who are looking for a frank—and often, frankly funny—glimpse into the troubled mind of a female sexual predator, this swiftly paced novel will generate as many intriguing questions about contemporary sexual mores as it does laughs.


Read the full review from our July 2013 issue here.

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