rwalogoLast month, BookPage Managing Editor Trisha and I ventured down to nearby Atlanta to stop by the annual Romance Writers of America conference. It was my first RWA conference, and boy was it fun. Everyone was so warm, welcoming, positive and supportive.

But it wasn't just all fun and games. Before the glitzy glam of the parties, there was work to be done—though that "work" consisted of getting to chat with some of the hottest romance writers around, including Mary Jo Putney, Robyn Carr, Sarah MacLeanElizabeth Hoyt and our very own romance columnist, Christie Ridgway. When they weren't giving or attending seminars or autographing books or catching up with each other, these gracious authors spent a few minutes chatting with us. We asked them all the same questions and then edited their responses into these five super snappy, entertaining videos. Enjoy!

What was the first romance you ever read?

What's special about romance readers?

What advice would you give an aspiring romance writer?

What is your favorite romance of all time?

And, finally, the most important, juiciest question of all:

Duke, vampire, Navy SEAL or cowboy?

We'd love to hear what your favorite romance novel is—and, of course, what type of romantic hero you fancy. Chime in below!

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