Acclaimed author Marilynne Robinson will return with another novel set in the town of Gilead, Iowa. Her publisher FSG has just purchased rights to publish Lila, the story of a mysterious young woman who arrives in town and marries John Ames, the hero of her second novel, Gilead, which won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction. No release date has been set.

Robinson has spent her last two novels rounding out the lives and characters of the Ames family in her lyrical, deliberate writing, and it sounds like she'll be continuing in the same vein here. Those looking for a comparable read can turn to fellow Pulitzer winner Paul Harding, a former student and now friend of Robinson who has just published his second novel, Enon. In a recent Q&A, Harding says of Robinson: "[W]ithin 10 minutes of her walking into the first meeting I knew that hers was the sort of life of the mind, the intellect, the soul that I wanted for myself. For whatever reasons, she and I can plunk down onto whatever chairs or park bench might be at hand, or just walk around in circles and talk and talk for hours about theology and art and politics and physics and cosmology."

Are you looking forward to Lila?

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