Terry McMillan has several made-into-hit-movies bestsellers under her belt, including Waiting to Exhale and How Stella Got Her Groove Back. Her latest novel, Who Asked You?, introduces readers to L.A. resident Betty Jean Butler, who's struggling to make ends meet and keep her family together. Our reviewer declares: "Who Asked You? stands up to any of McMillan’s previous work, with a cast of wholly memorable characters and a plucky heroine you genuinely want to win." (Read the complete review here.)

We were curious about the books McMillan has been reading lately, so we asked her to recommend three recent favorites:

ellenfosterEllen Foster
By Kaye Gibbons

. . . because I love the skillful and natural way Kaye handled the voice of a little southern girl. I've read it about four times over the years.



thisishowyouThis Is How You Lose Her 
By Junot Díaz

. . . because he's a brilliant writer and I loved the title and I love his stories.




bestshortstories2012The Best American Short Stories (2012)
Edited by Tom Perrotta

. . . because I love reading short stories and have been reading this (among other) short story series since 1989. I like the urgency in stories and how they pack an emotional wallop in such a short amount of space. I patterned the way I approach novel writing based on my reading of them.

What do you think, readers? Are you looking forward to reading Who Asked You? And will you be adding any of McMillan's recommendations to your TBR list? 

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