Hard Case Crime will publish eight suspense novels written by Michael Crichton during his time at Harvard Medical School from 1966 to 1972. They will be released under under the pseudonym John Lange but will identify Crichton as the author.

The eight titles are Odds On, Scratch One, Easy Go, Zero Cool, The Venom Business, Drug of Choice, Grave Descend and Binary. Four of the books will be published on October 29, with the other four following on November 19. They'll also be released as eBooks by Open Road.

oddson scratchone easygo zerocool venombusiness drugofchoice gravedescend binary

Crichton re-edited some of the books before he died in 2008, and Hard Case Crime founder and editor Charles Ardai promises, "they read like a rocket."

Hard Case Crime also released Stephen King's Joyland, so we're feeling optimistic about the Lange books. Will you check out these early Crichton thrillers?

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