carlbernsteinAlthough he became famous as an investigative reporter for the Washington Post, Carl Bernstein has signed a deal with Henry Holt to write a memoir titled The Washington Star, recalling his beginnings as a copy boy and reporter for Washington's afternoon newspaper in the early 1960s. "The capital and the country during that epoch were roiled by enormous political, cultural, and social changes; journalism was changing too, and Bernstein quickly came to understand that every good newspaperman was part truth-teller, part would-be savant, and, not incidentally, something of a huckster and scamp," Holt said in announcing the deal.

It's not the first time Bernstein—who teamed with Bob Woodward to break open the Watergate scandal—has been described as something of a scamp. He was said to be the basis for the philandering husband in the novel Heartburn, written by his ex-wife, the late Nora Ephron.

Still, Bernstein's look back at the long-gone era of newspapers in their heyday should cover some funny and fascinating territory. Just don't expect the book to be written on a reporter's deadline-driven schedule: The Washington Star isn't scheduled for publication until 2016.

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