[credit: James Penlidis] Australian Graeme Simsion has hit it out of the park with his first novel, The Rosie Project. The hilarious and endearing tale follows genetics professor Don Tillman—who's brilliant but socially awkward—as his scientific quest to find a wife is sidetracked by the gorgeous and free-spirited Rosie. Our reviewer declares the book to be "a wacky, wonderful love story that is just plain fun to read." (Read the full review here.) 

We were curious about the books Simsion has been reading lately, so we asked him to recommend three recent favorites:

silver linings playbookTHE SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK
By Matthew Quick


I was sent an advance copy of Matthew Quick’s Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock to review and enjoyed it so much (despite not being a “young adult”) that I grabbed a copy of The Silver Linings Playbook. I love and envy Mr. Quick’s ability to make even his most minor characters real, original and sympathetic.



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goodbyefornowGOODBYE FOR NOW
By Laurie Frankel



Another advance copy—we authors have our reading chosen for us! An original idea that appealed to my information technology background, and didn’t stretch my credulity so far that I lost interest. A light read, but some big topics to reflect upon later.



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By Tim Ferguson



I read a lot of nonfiction, especially about writing craft. Tim Ferguson was my comedy teacher, and the best I know at explaining how comedy works. He told me to make 'em laugh, make 'em cry, make 'em think. It’s a great motto for writing.





What do you think, readers? Will you be checking out The Rosie Project or any of Simsion's recommended books?

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