katespadetoteThis month, BookPage celebrated its 25th anniversary, and we had so much fun going back and looking at how many great authors we've had the pleasure of interviewing, how many thousands of great books we've reviewed, even how many times we (the horror!) misspelled an author's name on the cover.

And because I love a good pair of shoes almost (almost) as much as I love a good book, I was excited to see how Kate Spade is celebrating their 20th anniversary. They've paired up with the Strand to share their 20 favorite books from the library of Kate Spade (they have a library?), including classics such as Brideshead Revisited and Tender Is the Night. Plus, I'm a sucker for a new tote bag.


pinterest(Psst . . . you know we're pinning cute bookworm style over on Pinterest, right?)

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