So far this week, we've indulged our nostalgia for toys and candy, and now it's time for reminiscing over another cultural obsession: movies! Infographic Guide to the Movies by Karen Krizanovich is sure to delight film buffs with its clever, bright graphics illustrating a bookload of facts, tidbits and trivia about the movies. A map detailing the zombie outbreaks depicted in films, a timeline of apocalyptic movies and an illustrated analysis of Judd Apatow's secret for success—these and more make this fun book a visual feast for movie lovers of all kinds. 

Author Karen Krizanovich describes what it was like compiling the more than 100 infographics of the book and even shares couple of them to whet your appetite:

infographicguidemoviesEveryone loves films, trivia and graphics. As a film writer and author of Infographic Guide to the Movies, I can say that this 160-page book is so engaging that people will forget they’re learning things while reading it. As I say in the introduction, research shows that infographics can help almost anyone grasp difficult concepts more easily. (That’s almost everyone. Bear that in mind.)

I'll avoiding further grandiose epistemological statements. It took more than 30 designers to make Infographic Guide to the Movies as alluring as it is. Some designers supplied their own ideas; others illustrated our concepts. Our biggest problem was, to paraphrase Amadeus (1984), “simply too many notes”—we had too many great ideas. My suggestion to determine editorial content by arm-wrestling was quashed, so this book is not the work of me as auteur. It’s more a case of, as Mel Brooks once said, “We are all singing but I have the mouth.”

Infographic Guide to the Movies was a labor of love. Who am I kidding? It was an obsession! I have had a love-hate relationship with infographics ever since I failed my first quantitative methodology exam. (I passed the second one. Just passed.) For all completionists and "detail people" out there, please read the introduction before you email me with your thoughts, corrections, arguments and "what ifs." It’s a book, made by humans, printed on paper. It will have errors. The question is, can readers find them all?


Ryan Gosling is very close to the world’s most perfect man, so it’s good to see here that his skill makes us love him no matter what he plays. I look at page 31 and say to myself, “Hey girl,” and pretend he’s saving me from being hit by a bus in New York City. Like he once did for real. (Not to me.)


Attack Clint! is one of my favorite pages. In fact, you could do one of these for any action actor. How much does his character need to suffer for us to empathize with him? Lots.

Thanks, Karen! Readers, are you curious to check out Infographic Guide to the Movies?  

[Illustrations from Infographic Guide to the Movies, used with permission.]

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